Open since: July 18, 2017

Zócalo was the main ceremonial center for the Aztecs, and presently, it is the main square in central Mexico City. It is a cultural and political Plaza and a place to gather and find classic street food. Zocalo Street Food and Tequila will bring a modern version of cooking traditional Mexican street food, and combine these perfected recipes with excellent presentation. A modern concept in Mexican Cuisine that bridges the old school tradition with a twist of innovative cooking and an upscale presentation.

Zocalo Street Food and Tequila is a modern Mexican eatery and the creation of Emmanuel Ibarra and Alejandro Hernandez. Their relatives grew up in the restaurant business as the children of the owners of El Cerro Grande.

We opened our doors in July 2017 in Wilmington at The Pointe 14  at Barclay, a beautiful location with one of the best outdoor ambiance in town right in front of the Movie Theatres, which is perfect for a Movie and Meal plan. 

In January 2018, we opened our second location in Jacksonville, NC. A capacious restaurant at the centrical Western Blvd. near multiple grocery and shopping stores, offering a beautiful and comfortable space to enjoy with family and friends. 

Our meaning is to offer a great space to gather with recipes from Mexico City's Streets, tasty drinks and a wide selection of the best Tequilas to celebrate!

Thank you for being part of this dream come true, We are looking forward to seeing you soon, and many times in the future!